Security Cameras/CCTV 

& Access Controls

Security Integration

  • Check system status from home or away; arm or disarm with just a touch

  • Schedule arm/disarm events

  • Remote notifications of unscheduled arm/disarm events for enhanced security

  • Combine security events in scenes with other applications

Theft deterrence heads the list of reasons why video surveillance has moved so quickly from civic and commercial applications into our homes.  But it's much more than just security cameras.


  • Keep an eye on home, property, pets, kids, elderly parents, or workers from anywhere, using your smartphone, iPad, or computer

  • Valuable when you’re away for the day or on vacation

  • Nearly indispensable if you’re away for months on end, or dividing your time between residences

  • Seeing who’s at the door without leaving your easy chair (or the tub, or bed)



Access Controls

Access controls are the foundation for good security. The concept of access control is about letting authorized personnel in and keeping everyone else out. We install everything from straightforward deadbolts for residential homes, card readers for corporate offices all the way to sophisticated biometric systems for high-security areas. Consider a MODERN HOMME installed  access control system your first defense against property theft and damages.