Do you support/Install Crestron home automation systems?

The short answer is no. We can, however, convert an existing Crestron system over to an RTI system if a client already has Crestron in their existing home. Crestron is a great system for commercial applicaitons (so is RTI) but the price point is quite expensive when it comes to residential. Additionally, Crestron is slow to push out new system updates that would benefit the residential user. For these reasons we recommend using RTI for both residential and commercial applications.

Can I use any of my existing audio/video equipment as a replacement for the euiptment that was recommended in my estimate?

Depends. This is defintely a case-by-case situation and it also depends on each client's specific needs. If you're looking for whole house audio/video distribution tied into a new RTI system, etc. It's likely that your existing equipment will not support this unless you're already running a Yamaha musiccast reciever. But as we mentioned, every situation and scenario is unique. If you have exisitng equipment, let us know what you're working with and our team will let you know if it will support your new needs! We work hard to make sure we meet your expectations while trying to stay within your budget. We will NEVER over sell our customers on equipment they do not need.

I'm a big fan of Apple products. How can we utilize my love for Apple/Siri while making my home a smart home as well?

At this time, we would recommend installing a SAVANT home automation system. SAVANT is a great system that supports the use and integration of Apple products including Siri and will allow for total control of indoor/outdoor lighting, shades, whole house audio/video, home theater, home security systems, climate controls, outdoor water features/pools, etc.

I don't know which smart home control system I should use (Control4, Crestron, SAVANT or RTI). Which one would you recommend and why?

9/10 times we recommend RTI to our client's because we are able to program unique scenes and commands and it truly is customizable to each client's specific needs or wants. This is no drag-and-drop system - actual coding and programming is required to achieve the end result. It is also more cost-friendly option than Crestron while maintaining the same quality system. Control4 and SAVANT are considered closed-end systems which means, you get what you get from the manufacturer. It is customizable up to a certain extent. RTI and Crestron are considered open-ended systems. With a well-educated progrrammer the sky is the limit when it comes to programming using either of these systems.

I'm concerned about someone hacking my system. Is a smart home system safe/secure?

The heart of a secure smart home system will come down to your wireless network. If you are using a consumer-grade residential equipment, your network is not very secure. We recommend Ubiquiti networks which is a commercial-grade network that works beautifully and highly secure in a residential application. It's about as secure as it can get because each system operates with it's own unique firewall. Ubiquiti networks can be found at many trusted areas including hospitals, banks, sports arenas, schools, hotels, etc.